Have the courage to follow what is most important to you, your happiness depends on it. In the end it is all that matters
— Suzy Pool

About Me and My Work 

My Story

At a very early age in life I learned how to manage change. I tragically lost both my parents by the age of 11 and was adopted by my aunt who lived in another country. I had to adapt to a new family, a new country and a whole new way of surviving. None of this change was out of choice then as a child, but I later discovered that it was going to serve me well. For the most part of my life before the age of 40, I felt I had little or no choice in how life worked out for me and in many ways this felt disempowering and frustrating. Life mostly felt like a struggle.

And then just before I turned 40, I decided to change mostly everything about my life as I knew it and lived it. I had 2 children under the age of 12 then and worked full time as a single parent. We all not only survived but we are all now thriving in life. Since then, change has come more easily and naturally to me. Although it still shakes me up mentally, physically and emotionally, I can move through it more gracefully and with less emotional pain. Furthermore my children also cope amazingly well with change.

The courage, resilience, coping strategies and knowledge I developed early in life, helped me to make the big change necessary at the age of 40. I can say quite categorically that that was when my life really began. I decided to take control of my happiness and take 100% responsibility for it. However it showed up, it was my choice and I was in the driver’s seat.

Many people who know me well, friends, family, business associates and my clients would say that perhaps courage is my greatest quality and they tell me how much they admire me for it. I often say that I don’t feel it’s courage that drives me to make changes in my life but more the intolerance of living a life that does not fill me with passion and meaning.

Give me an example of courage that did not involve uncertainty, risk or emotional exposure
— Brene Brown

Change involves courage and vulnerability and often a process of letting go of a previous old identity that no longer serves you. When we surrender that identity fully and embrace the new one emerging, the struggle is over. Becoming the New You (and this process may occur a few times in a lifetime) it involves taking a leap of faith and trusting that the New You will give you more joy, more fun and fulfilment.

What has helped me over the years is having there right information, tools and professional support to help me through each transition and now change is something I even look forward to and welcome. Some changes take longer for me to make than others but I learn to accept that and remain patient with myself.

This is what I offer to you, to help you become the person you choose in the next phase of your life.


My experience

I started my own business over 17 years ago and my training, qualifications and specialist experiences are in :

An 18 year career Occupational Health and Stress Management

Yoga Mindfulness and Meditation teaching

Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Training in Corporate and Executive Life Coaching

Qualification in Hypnotherapy