Suzy Pool - Yoga, Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance 

Discover how you can take control, manage stress and enjoy life every day

My vision is to help you completely believe in yourself and recognise that you have all the strength and power within you to deal with any change life throws you. You will realise that change changes you. It makes you more resilient and powerful, happier and proud to be you. Once there, no one can ever take those qualities away from you. 

If you are going through a particularly challenging time in your life right now and looking for someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and is committed to helping you achieve the very best for you then please contact me. For over 15 year I have been helping people with change in their personal lives. Some of them have been my yoga students, some my coaching clients. All of them came through because they were ready to make a change and were fully committed to moving forward in their lives. 

I specialise in helping people become strong and resilient - mentally, physically and emotionally - so they can achieve their life goals and live a meaningful and happy life 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them - Walt Disney


Yoga is the perfect way to relax and re-energise. Suzy offers Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats in the UK and abroad and Yoga Weekends.



Tools and techniques to minimise stress. Suzy offers Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness Classes to help cope with the pressures of life.

Work-Life Balance

Discover your passion, create your vision and identify the plan to achieve your work-life balance goals.

Yoga Retreats

When I started yoga with Suzy I could barely touch my toes. A few weeks later, after weekly sessions and regular personal correction and much encouragement, Suzy has totally transformed my life. Each class has motivated me to learn more and more and practice on my own. My body is more flexible, and my focus and concentration are also so much better.
— Munir