How Can I Really Help You? Making Life Happen

6 years ago I had a young lovely woman come to see me for some private coaching. She felt very unhappy and stuck with her life (her testimonial is above after working with as her Personal Life Coach for several months) and was looking for some direction and change. She is now so happily married with her gorgeous little daughter, her family and work life. 

I am a LIFE COACH. And that simply means that I am qualified to help you manage Life as best you see it. We all want different things in life to make us feel happy, fulfilled and at peace. This is not something we learn at school.

As a LIFE COACH I really want to help you :

  • Find your bliss. 
  • Be all that you are here to be. 
  • Reach your full potential
  • Set goals that seem impossible to achieve and reach for the stars 

How Do I help you do this? Why Choose me?

I am curious about your dreams and aspirations, your deepest values and ambitions, what makes your heart sing. I will help you get CLEAR and FOCUSED about what they are how you can clear the path to make them happen.

I will have your best interest at heart and encourage you with warmth and love to hold true to them. Together we will enter into a committed journey, working through the challenges one step at a time, and celebrating your victories along the way.

The Unique Coaching Relationship 

When I was looking for a Personal Coach during a time in my life of uncertainty and change, these were the qualities I was looking for someone :

  • who came across as caring, kind and warm-hearted
  • with whom I felt understood
  • I admired and trusted and liked
  • I felt really comfortable with, never judged or ashamed of anything I shared
  • I could speak openly to
  • who was personable, approachable and available 
  • special to me
  • who cared genuinely about my wellbeing

The relationship is like having your own personal companion and confidant for your journey in your life.

If right now in your life you are at a crossroads and foundling to make the right life choices or feeling alone and scared to make important decisions in your life, then please  give me a ring for a short consultation and let’s see if I can really help You.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end
— Robin Sharma

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