Private Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness is a powerful way to relieve anxiety and stress.

It can also help you manage mild depression.

Life is all about change and nothing ever really stays the same as much as we yearn for it.

Mindfulness can help you feel safer, more secure and settled – whether it is in your job, your relationship or your location.

It helps you cope with changes in things and in people.

It will help you feel better able to cope with changes either mentally or emotionally.

Now you can benefit from the simple practice of mindfulness. It will help you feel calmer and more relaxed and able to find some respite from your over-thinking or sometimes over-analytical mind. 

Thank you for another wonderful session Suzy. Your guided mindfulness meditation exercise was wonder-ful. You are a gifted teacher. You manage to create a wonderful blend of ‘new learnings’ - sometimes that’s even coming from our existing knowledge! Whilst also being able to help us consolidate our earlier practices. All the while being ‘brave’ enough to share your own learnings with us too which is both refreshing & reassur-ing and a reminder that we can always be a ‘student’ I feel very fortunate to have you as our guide on this journey. Thank you again.
— Clare White - Regular mindfulness class attendee

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