Work-Life Balance Workshops 

I run regular Work-Life Balance workshops open to the public throughout the year. These are for people who prefer to work in a group setting and enjoy an interactive environment. 

The Passion Test Workshop - Identifying Your Top 5 Passions in your Life Right Now

Clarity is Power. Knowing what is most important to you in this stage of your life is important. It helps you to focus on those things right now above all else, without being distracted. Your passions come from your heart and your soul. When we are not following our passions, we feel disempowered in some way. We often keep postponing the things that mean the most to us in life. Perhaps we do this because we are unsure about what it is we actually do want. 

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This powerful workshop involves each person in a group setting taking The Passion Test to clearly identify what their top 5 priority areas are in their life right now to achieve a healthier and happier work life balance.

To book a place on the next workshop check out the upcoming dates below, or to find out more please get in touch.

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