Yoga Holidays and Retreats

Suzy Pool runs Yoga Retreats in both the UK and abroad.

Suzy has created the perfect programme to revitalise your inner and outer self with daily yoga sessions, short meditation practice and many other features that leave you feeling completely relaxed , re-energised and refreshed.

We have just returned from 2 Retreats this year  one in Spain and the other in Lesvos, Greece.

Currently we have one booked for Lesvos next year in May/June and will be posting a few others on the site very soon.

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it occasionally
— Albert Camus

5 top benefits to go on a retreat! You will :

1.  Stretch beyond your limits in your body - You will feel so relaxed and focused that you will work your body more deeply and at a slower yet stronger level. The classes are longer and more varied. Each day Suzy will introduce you to new ways of doing the postures and discover your body.

2. Enjoy being a complete new environment and place - It is said that a change is as good as a rest! Being away from all your usual surroundings and responsibilities is in itself refreshing. You can't work even if you felt you need to! It is a complete getaway and you will surrender yourself to it in a short time, forgetting all about work and feeling totally reconnected to yourself.

3. Meet new people of like mind - It is so wonderful to meet new people who have much in common with you, exchanging ideas and learning new things from each other. You will come away feeling greatly inspired to develop new habits in your life. From my last Retreat in Spain, the participants who had not known each other before hand, have kept in touch and continued to support each other. 

4. Feel good about investing in yourself - So often we say that we must take more time out for ourselves to recharge and do things we enjoy doing. And there never seems to be enough time allocated to do this. Once you book your retreat, you feel good about allowing yourself this special time!

5. Feel healthy and vibrant - Eating healthily, working out in yoga, meditating with ease and having time to rest and relax doing what you enjoy will be blissful.

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