Private Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness girl looking over water .jpg
Mindfulness girl looking over water .jpg

Private Mindfulness Session


Face To Face Sessions are held at

Bodyworks Clinic Chalfont St Peter or Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth at a mutually agreed venue. 

Alternatively, Skype or Phone calls can be arranged


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It is sometimes most beneficial to have private sessions of mindfulness, particularly if you are going through a challenging time in your life and finding it mentally or emotionally hard to cope. 

Whilst counselling and coaching can be very effective for some people, others prefer to deal with challenges in a more private way and find that breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques are most helpful to them.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions 

Certain people or situations sometimes trigger emotions in us that can be very overwhelming, we may unconsciously suppress these difficult emotions because we find it extremely difficult to deal with them and hard to talk about. Mindfulness can really help to manage these in a gentle and soothing way. 

Managing the Over-Thinking Mind 

When we are worried about something, it is hard to stay present and escape the over-thinking mind! We on average have around 80,00 thoughts a day and when we are anxious about something in life, our thoughts increase and we are unable to switch off at all. It can affect our sleep and prevent us from functioning normally. It also can leave us drained of energy. 

Soothing Guided Meditation can really help you to take your attention away from the thoughts, planning, organising, worrying, just for a short while to help you body relax and let go of tension.

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Listen to This Sitting Meditation for 10 minutes and see how it will help feel calm in a very short time.

These 1-2-1 sessions are held at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth or The Bodyworks Clinic in Chalfont St Peter, which are peaceful quiet and private venues for us to work together. Alternatively we can work together at another mutually agreed venue. 

Sessions can also be done on Skype and phone.