Private Work-Life Balance Coaching


Private Work-Life Balance Coaching

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Where would you like to begin?

Thank you for your interest and wanting to find out more about working with me. There are many reasons why you might choose to have these intimate sessions with a coach. You may be looking to making some important change in your life and feeling a little stuck or unsure about which direction to take or where to make a start. You may not even be sure about that change is yet but feel that you want something different in your life right now.

Whatever the reason, I would be very happy to help you. 

You may wish to have a brief conversation with me, give me a call to see how I could help you and discuss what would work best for you initially. Call me for a free no commitment 20 minute consultation.

There are a few options available to you after that where you are ready to make an extraordinary investment in yourself.

Single sessions - £75 (per 1 hour)

I always recommend that you try 3-4 sessions with me first to see how we work together and during this time you will also have a good idea of what you would like to work on and what support you will need and for how long. Each session is an hour or more if you find you need it initially (or you may choose The Passion Test 2 session programme) This is £75 per hour. If you decide to go for the other options later, I will transfer the amount you have already paid towards the 90 day or 6 month option. 

The Passion Test 2 session Programme - £200 (3 hours)

£66 per session 

As your Personal Life Coach, I can help you transform your life in a short time with your full the commitment in this powerful process.

90 Day Programme - £600 (9 sessions)

£66 per session

For the 90 Day programme is a total of 9 one hour calls. It is perfect for managing a particular crisis in your life right now or for setting new goals and challenges. You will receive 3 one hour sessions with me a month over a 90 day period. You will also have unlimited email support. Some of the Coaching tools will be emailed to you for you to do in your own time and once you have completed them, we will discuss them during our sessions. 

6 month Programme - £700 (12 sessions)

£58 per session

The 6 month programme is a total of 12 session over a longer period and ideal if you are considering making a few fundamental changes in your life. Things take and ongoing support with a Life Coach over a period of time guarantees success. The difference between this and the 90 day programme is that you will have 2 one hour sessions on Skype or phone a month instead of 3. You will still receive all the email support and exercises as the 90 day option. 

Our sessions can be on the phone or on Skype. If you prefer we can also meet face to face at a suitable venue and location convenient for both of us. The face to face sessions take place in a quiet and safe environment, usually a private consulting room.

Telephone or Skype calls also work very well for our regular sessions.

  • Single sessions £75 per hour. This is a good way to start the coaching relationship, however I would recommend that after 3-4 sessions you would benefit much more from investing in yourself for the 90 day programme or the 6 month package.
  • If you are really committed to making a transformation in your life the 1 year VIP package would be the best.