The Passion Test Workshop on 14th August and 6th December

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The Passion Test Workshop on 14th August and 6th December


Everything starts with a plan!

The Passion Test Workshop on Tuesday the 15th May 6.00pm - 8.30pm

at The Healers Grove, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0QE

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Choosing From the Heart takes Courage 



The Latin word for 'heart' is cor and is the basis for the word courage. When we live life with love, compassion and courage we only only perform at our best but we also feel at our happiest. 

Your passions are the things that you put first. What are your passions really? They are not usually wanting to climb the highest mountain or be the richest or have fame. Most people's passions are much simpler an definitely much more achievable. We just need to know what they are and in order of priority so we can give our time and energy to them. 

Whatever we put our attending and focus on grows stronger in our life.
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes


Prioritise what's most important to you in your life right now and be guided by a powerful SYSTEM (Save Your Self Time Energy Money) to help you to stay focused on them. Your happiness depends on it. 

Join me at this fabulous Passion Test Workshop on the either the 15th May or the 14th August from 6pm-9pm.

  • The Workshop will help you gain 100% Clarity about what is most important to you in your life right now
  • You will identify your Top 5 greatest values and priorities you need to focus on in the coming months to give you more joy, peace and balance in your life. 
  • Not only that, you will also walk away by the end of the session feeling deeply energised and motivated to take action straightaway 
Do more of what makes you happy - Passion Test Workshop, Work/life balance


Clarity is Power

Clarity is Power and it is also a process. Once you become 100% clear about what it is you really want to achieve, in the way of your goals, aspirations, desires it begins to show up in your life effortlessly! 

The 3 Key steps to Manifesting your Passions and Goals

  • Intention - Consciously creating what you really want and let's face it most of the time we are unsure about exactly what this looks like.
  • Attention - Once your clear and this is why it's imperative to only take 5 at a time, how do we stay focused!
  • No Tension - Probably the most powerful part of the process of Manifestation of what we want is to learn the art and skill letting go of how it actually shows up in our life. 

Over the last 10 years since I qualified as A Passion Test Coach and Mentor in the US, I have taken hundreds of people through this process and every time it is a powerful, emotional and greatly motivating experience for them. They have made as a result of it, great changes in their lives because they were CLEAR about their personal mission and purpose, what was deeply important in order of priority to THEM.

Time management and prioritising what's most important to you - Passion Test Workshop


What a few of my clients have said :

Suzy is one of those rare people who has the talent, empathy and instinct to transform people’s work/life balance, and to make a lasting and positive impact. She is a master practitioner of The Passion Test and has much to offer as a corporate and team coach. 
Bulent Osman - Managing Director at the App Garden 

I absolutely loved the Passion test!  Suzy created just the right space for me to explore my desires and passions on a much deeper level so I could understand exactly where I am right now and what really matters to me.  The passion test is simple but profound, and helped me to identify exactly where I need to put my energy and time right now.  I had never heard of the passion test before I met Suzy, but I think it’s an excellent tool for anyone who wants more clarity, focus and drive to be able take the next confident steps in their journey. Serap Enver - Innate Healing - Reiki Therapist and Mindfulness Instructor
Within 30 minutes of meeting Suzy, she knew me better than I knew myself. Very engaging and personable. I believe I have learned several tools which have helped me and my business, but also I can use them in the future. A truly life changing experience
Vivian Grant - Director at Norris and Gardiner Ltd. 

Make 2018 the best year yet and start with the 'End in Mind' as Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, would say....and Align yourself with your Deepest VALUES.