This workshop is for you if you feel...

I was amazed at the process – the simplicity and power of it. It has supported me in being much clearer in my daily priorities – brilliant!
— D. C. Cordova | CEO of Excellerated Business Schools
  • Like your eggs are in too many baskets at times
  • Like you're a little "lost" at times
  • Like you want to regain some direction in your life
  • Like it's the right time to really make a change
  • Like you thought you had it all figured out, but maybe you're not too sure anymore
  • Like you just want to be happy

After this 2.5 hour workshop, you'll leave with...

  • 100% clarity about what is most important to you in your life right now

  • Your 5 greatest values & priorities that you need to focus on in the coming months to give you more joy, peace and balance in your life 

  • Feeling deeply energised and motivated to take action straightaway 


About the Coach...

Suzy pool is a fully qualified and experienced Passion Test Coach working in Buckinghamshire, UK

Clients have made, as a result of this workshop, great changes in their lives because they became CLEAR about their personal mission and purpose, what was deeply important in order of priority to THEM.

"Over the last 10 years since I qualified as A Passion Test Coach and Mentor in the US, I have taken hundreds of people through this process and every time it is a powerful, emotional and greatly motivating experience for them" - Suzy Pool