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Cacao Ceremony


This takes place in a fabulous NEW location The Lee House, The Lee, in Great Missenden, Bucks. HP16 9NA – most easily accessible by road, and also by rail (Great Missenden 8 minutes by car or Wendover 11 minutes by car) or by Metropolitan line tube via Chesham  (14 minutes by car).


The reason we love chocolate! 

The regular 'Chocolate' we eat and love so much contains "uppers" like caffeine, sugars, fats and a natural ingredient phenylthalymine, which make the heart rate pound a little harder, increase our breathing rate and give us a feeling of alertness. The effect is mild enough to produce a pleasant elated feeling which is often equated to the feeling of being in love. 

And then there's Cacao - 100% pure chocolate

Chocolate however is mainly made from the Cacao bean. In order for us to enjoy its full benefits and flavour without the additives mentioned above we choose 100% cacao. The beans undergo a gentle fermentation and sprouting process to leave us with the pure chocolate.

What is involved in a Cacao Ceremony 

For some of you may never have experienced chocolate in this way before and it will be a truly wonderful experience. The workshop takes place in comfortable surroundings with lovely people with one intention, to reconnect to the heart and share together this beautiful drink.

The evening is very relaxed and informal and we have created an open programme for sharing:

  • An opening meditation

  • Intention setting

  • Cacao ceremony and meditation

  • Group Sharing

  • Crystal sounding for integration

The Facilitators 

I am delighted to be sharing this event with Doug Buckingham and together we will make your evening a most wonderful and enjoyable experience.

We very much look forward to you joining us and sharing this very special spiritual experience with us. Please Book Online or Contact Me to book or find out more.