Yoga Workshops - Bringing it all together 

Yoga workshops are a wonderful way to experience the body more fully. I run full and half half day workshops every few months throughout the year to give equal attention to the 4 main areas of focus in your Yoga Practice. In a short class we mainly tend to focus on just one of those which is the physical postures, or Asanas.

The other 3 are just as important and particularly helpful in your own home practice. As many of my students know, I very much encourage you to do your own yoga practice at home, however short a time it might be. 

The Yoga Day is divided into these 4 main areas :

  1. The physical postures and relaxation - Asana
  2. Breathing Techniques - Pranayama
  3. Meditation and Mindfulness
  4. Crystal Sound Healing  

 These focus on :

  • The accuracy of the yoga postures 
  • Time to do more yoga breathing techniques
  • Practice some different meditation techniques
  • Enjoy more time for relaxation 
  • Learn more about the body and how the energy system works 
  • Other alternate therapies and movements that help the body to feel more balanced 

The Physical Postues

Iyengar Style Yoga involves using belts, blocks and other very useful props to help you to get into deeper stretches and release tension in the body.

The workshops begin with some gentle yet deep yoga stretches with a short break for some refreshments which are provided. The group then works in pairs or groups of three to help each other stretch themselves a little further and have some fun! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 18.22.21.png
yoga students working with props on a yoga workshop

Breathing Techniques 

The breath, Prana, is life force. When we are well and functioning normally, we go about our daily business and rarely give thought to our breath or the process of breathing, the body in fact just breathes itself. We mostly take this for granted, until we feel stressed or become unwell and then we notice the the breath becomes faster or more shallow and we remember to breathe more deeply and more slowly to help recover the body to a more balanced state again.

In Yoga we go that step further and learn how to stimulate, calm and cleanse the mind, the body and all our senses through powerful breathing techniques. when practised regularly these techniques can bring the body, mind and emotional state into perfect balance and harmony. 

Alternate nostril breathing on the Murcia retreat
home meditation .jpg

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Learn to mediate regularly with ease and feel the benefits in a very short time. You will feel calmer, happier, more connected to yourself and so much more able to manage stress in your life.

It is wonderful to be able to combine the physical yoga practice with the breathing techniques and then the mediation on these yoga days. You get to feel the full benefit of working with them all. 

Often meditation, finding that quiet, still space in your mind can be quite challenging. When you have physically wrung out the body through the physical postures; stretching, bending, twisting, the attention has already been taken away from the mind and now fully is in the body. The powerful breathing techniques also have the same affect and leave the mind devoid of thought and it becomes easily still and peaceful. This is the ideal time to practice meditation. 

On the Yoga Day you will learn a few different meditation techniques, and once you are introduced to them you can choose which one suits you best. After all the aim is simply to find peace of mind for a few minutes and switch off from the endless thoughts which can be exhausting and depleting of energy.

Mindfulness is another way to divert the attention from the thinking mind and we will cover a few simple mindfulness techniques on the day. 


When we feel stressed or worried about things, the first thing others will say to us is RELAX! And that is exactly what we need to do but how do we do that? 

One of the best Relaxation techniques is Body Scan. It is a form of self hypnosis and practised regularly either with a guided visualisation or self talk, ir works wonderfully and can be done anywhere and at any time. 

On the Yoga Day we will take some time to do a Yoga Nidra practice which is around a 45 minute deep relaxation exercise. This gives the body a chance to fully let go of every bit of tension in the body and mind and recuperate fully. 

Lunch and Refreshments 

Refreshments will be provided during the short morning and afternoon breaks. Please bring your own lunch. 

relaxation techniques during a yoga workshop
The still waters of the lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is till, the beauty of the Self is reflected
— Vanda Scaravelli

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